Sherry Walier

  • Board of Directors

  • Day-to-Day Operations

  • Lauren's Mom

When Lauren was born premature at 27 weeks and weighed only 14 oz., Sherry knew she was a fighter.

Lauren was only one year old when she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP). That's when Sherry and her husband, Peter, researched as much as they could and discovered that there was no federal funding – no special therapy or anything – to help children with cerebral palsy. It was then that Sherry decided that she wouldn’t stop until cerebral palsy was no longer known as the forgotten disability.

From the time Lauren was born, she taught her parents things they never dreamed about learning. Lauren’s dream of making a difference for the 17 million people in the world with her disability of cerebral palsy is now their passion.  

Sherry is on the Board of Directors of the Make Lemon Aide® Foundation, and runs the day-to-day operations of the Foundation, including planning all fundraisers. She works closely with the rest of Team Lemon Aide and the Lemon Aide Warriors, drawing on her experience with the Carborundum Company and Marcus & Millichap (the largest national firm of its kind), where she handled advertising, events and trade shows.  

Sherry and her family live in Milton, GA with Lauren’s younger sister Margaret - the biggest Lemon Aide Warrior! 

Carol Walier

  • Board of Directors

  • Marketing

  • Lauren's Aunt

When Lauren was only four years old she was the flower girl for Carol’s wedding. Carol watched as she struggled to walk down the aisle to scatter the rose petals - but even then, Carol could see how strong and courageous she was. 

As the Marketing Executive for the Foundation, Carol enjoys watching Lauren bring people together to raise awareness and funding for cerebral palsy. Her experience in consumer advertising, event marketing and branding make her the perfect addition to the team.

When she’s not managing the daily marketing communications business for the Foundation, Carol works part-time for the Buffalo Public Schools Adult and Continuing Education Division. Her experience includes positions at Wenner Media (with Rolling Stone), Saatchi & Saatchi Consumer Healthcare, Cenergy and SKM Group. Carol lives in Lake View, NY with her husband, Joe and two of Lauren’s biggest fans (and cousins) Natalie and Nora. 

Peter Walier

  • Board of Directors (Chairman)

  • Lauren's Dad

Peter has been by Lauren and Sherry’s side since day one, working to help the Foundation bring cerebral palsy awareness to everyone’s minds and hearts. He won’t stop until there are new treatments, new training and new research to help those affected by cerebral palsy.

Peter is the Executive Chairman for Shermco Industries a Dallas, TX based company which provides electrical testing, maintenance, repair, commissioning, engineering and training services. In addition, he is a member of the Board of Directors for Solomon Transformer Corporation. His past positions include CEO and COO positions at engineering companies, as well as management positions at General Electric. 


Robert E. Helfrich

  • Board of Directors

  • Corporate Secretary

Bob first met Lauren Walier in 2003, when he and his wife moved into the Walier's neighborhood. Since then, he has watched her grow, drive, and strengthen herself in becoming "a lovely young lady - and an inspired spokesperson for the disability community." He nominated Lauren for the Young Heroes of Fulton County program, and was exceptionally proud when she received the Francis McKibben Award. Sponsored by the Fulton Teachers Credit Union, this honor recognizes students who exhibit “the most tenacity and spirit in overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds.” 

Bob is Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of NAC International Inc. in Norcross, GA. Prior to his present position, he spent ten years in Washington, D.C. in private law practice serving the energy industry and as a patent attorney. He has held senior counsel positions with the Exelon Corporation and Florida Power and Light Company. Bob earned a MS degree in engineering in 1974 from the University of Illinois and a JD degree in 1984, cum laude, from New England School of Law in Boston. He lives in Milton, GA, with his wife Paula and their daughter Kayla.