Corporate and Business Partners

Make Lemon Aide Foundation for CP is proud to partner with these Courageous Business leaders who help us fight CP through their dynamic services.


Nicole Harrington, Realtor®

"I have always felt very strongly for individuals with disabilities. Earlier in my career, I worked with a program that provided home support kids with autism at home. My most memorable experience is with one girl who had CP. I just fell in love with her, and supported and helped her in any way possible. She blossomed and started to love coming to school. Her favorite time was when I brought my therapy dog into school with me and she got to play and have with her. The sparkle in her eyes was priceless. So when I saw Lauren dance, it reminded me so much of her. If I can make just one kid sparkle in their eyes, it's worth every penny. 

It's my pleasure to donate 3% of each real estate transaction to charity, including Make Lemon Aide for CP."

Phone: (678) 828-0936


Home By Dark

Home By Dark is a songwriters-in-the-round concert event unlike anything you've seen or heard. They feature the best performing songwriters and share their stories behind the songs. 

Home By Dark was Make Lemon Aide's first partner, supporting us annually by providing their platform to spread cerebral awareness and donating 10% of ticket sales from the event.  James Casto, singer songwriter and founder of Home By Dark , wrote two amazing songs for us to help with spreading awareness.  His song Courageous has inspired our messaging of "Be Courageous."  Everyone living with CP is courageous for how hard they fight every day without even knowing it. 

"Home By Dark's decision to support Lauren Walier and the Make Lemon Aide Foundation for CP was an easy one.  Simply put, Lauren and crew are changing the world in a powerful and positive way. One of the greatest things we can do in this life is to ease the suffering of others. Lauren is doing just that by proving anything is possible , encouraging the broken hearted, providing strategic solutions for those with CP, and by living a courageous life.  Home By Dark has been inspired by knowing Lauren and her team and it is an honor and privilege for us to support the MLFCP mission." – James Casto, founder, Home By Dark


26 Shirts

26 Shirts sells limited-edition sports-themed t-shirts, with $8 from each shirt donated directly to a family in need. Every two weeks, they introduce a new shirt for a new family. 26 Shirts currently operates in Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh.

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Developmental Disabilities Alliance of WNY

We are proud to announce that we are now part of the Developmental Disabilities Alliance of Western New York! DDAWNY. We joined this wonderful collaborative group of voluntary agencies who together help those living with disabilities.

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