You too can be a part of our fight against cerebral palsy (CP) by hosting your own LemonAide stand and raising money. It's simple, really. Just make sure you get the necessary approvals to host your stand, and then you set up your stand almost anywhere:

  • Your front lawn

  • Your neighborhood

  • A local store

  • Block parties

  • Community events

  • Sporting events

  • Inside malls

  • Church

  • School

  • Anywhere you can attract a crowd  

Be courageous, and get started today

Step 1: Pick a busy day to have your event, then register your stand with us by filling out the form. We'll send you tips for a successful LemonAide stand. We may even feature you on our Facebook page!

Step 2: Have your LemonAide stand

Step 3: Send us the money you collect - you can either use the donate button, or write a check to the Make Lemon Aide Foundation and send it to:

Make Lemon Aide for Cerebral Palsy
12460 Crabapple Road, Suite 202-100
Alpharetta, GA 30004


Western NY Regional Office
P.O. Box 674

Hamburg, NY 14075

Help improve the lives of more than 17 million people

By hosting a LemonAide stand, you'll be helping everyone who struggles with CP on a daily basis. The money you raise will be used to help increase awareness of CP, train therapists and fund research - a critical step, since there is currently no federal funding for the disease. With your help, we won't stop trying to find a cure.


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