Be Creative

Garage or Yard Sale
Clean out your closets for a good cause. Ask family members, friends and neighbors to sell unwanted items at the sale. Ask volunteers to mark every item with a price tag before the sale opens. If you’re planning to be outside, it’s smart to have a backup location planned in case of bad weather. Of course, people may get thirsty while shopping, so it’s a great idea to hold a LemonAide stand during the sale!

Craft or jewelry fair fundraiser
Find local artists to sell their wares at a one-day event. The vendors can rent a table, with proceeds going to the Make Lemon Aide Foundation for CP. Then advertise the fair to your friends and community groups. Make sure to schedule the event well in advance so the sellers have enough time to make their products. And don’t be shy to ask for donations the day of the sale.

Make Lemon Aide Club
Are you interested in starting a Make Lemon Aide Club at your school? If so, you’ll be in charge of scheduling different fundraising events and spreading the word about the Make Lemon Aide Foundation for CP. You’ll also need to coordinate and work with your school administration and an adult advisor. To learn more and to request an application, please contact us.

Parking space giveaway
Auction or raffle off a premium parking space for a month in the parking lot of your company, school or organization. 

Food fundraiser
Sell breakfast (bagels, muffins, etc.) or lunch (pizza, sandwiches, etc.) at your office, school or organization. 

Create your own FUNdraiser
Use your talents to come up with your own creative fundraiser or event. Whether it’s a sport, craft, event or anything in between, ask your family and friends to sponsor your efforts. 

Be Active

Golf tournament
Scramble or best-ball golf tournaments are summer fundraising favorites. In addition to entry fees, look for additional ways to raise money, such as hole sponsorships, closest to the hole or longest drive competitions, photograph souvenirs, mid-round refreshments, etc.

Fun Run/Walk, 5K or Walk-a-thon
Organize a healthy, fun event in your community. 

A 24-hour dance-a-thon is a unique way to raise money for CP. Get a group of willing participants to sign up (either individually or as couples), then encourage them to get pledges from friends, relatives and neighbors. Make sure you have LemonAide and snacks for sale to keep the dancers (and spectators) going for the whole day. A DJ can be a good idea, but you can also put together your own playlist. Award a prize to the last dancers left standing.

Hold a Be Courageous Hit-a-thon, Hoop-a-thon or Kick-a-thon
Turn your passion into an unforgettable fundraiser. Pick a sport or activity, and then recruit friends and family to join you in participating for 24 straight hours. You can raise money with donations, or by asking local business to sponsor your event. Contact your local newspaper to see if they’ll do a story on your fundraiser.

Lemon Aide splash party
During the summer, hold a fun water event and ask guests for donations.

Car Wash
Start by finding a suitable location with water readily available – schools, gas stations, banks, churches, etc. Your group will need to supply everything for the car wash: a garden hose, buckets, sponges, soap and towels. Choose a backup date in case the first one is rained out. You can advertise in advance through flyers, local newspapers and TV stations and social media. For the day of the event, make signs to hold up to attract passing traffic. Remember to have small bills ready in case you need to give out change.






Be Fun

Dress down day
Sell passes to skip the professional dress code for one day. Get creative with the theme, such as jeans, shorts, Hawaiian shirt or pajamas.

Crazy Hair, Sock or Hat Day Fundraiser
Everyone loves to dress silly once in a while. Select a day that people can donate in order to wear their wildest hair, socks or hat. Lauren’s first fundraiser was a crazy hair day at her middle school because she wanted one day for everyone to be different and feel accepted.
PJ Day
We’ve all secretly wanted to go to school or work in our pajamas. This fundraiser makes that dream a reality. For the privilege of wearing PJs to school for one day, ask students and teacher for a small donation in the morning and give out hand stamps as proof that people have paid. Keep the theme going by selling breakfast food and slippers.

Lemon Aide war
Challenge another club to a fundraising competition. Get creative to collect donations, and use social media so spread the word.

Green party
March is National Cerebral Palsy month, and green is the CP’s awareness color. Why not combine the two and throw a green party? Encourage everyone to wear green, ask for donations at the door, and sell green drinks and food – the theme is practically endless.

LemonAide squeeze contest
Who can make the best fresh-squeezed LemonAide? Host a competition to find out, asking participants for donations. Assign judges, establish criteria and give a prize to the best beverage.

Bingo night
Easy to organize and fun for all ages! Make flyers so everyone in your group can publicize the event. Don’t forget small prizes for the winners. 

Change drive / Jug donations
Ask people to donate loose change. Gather a group of volunteers to walk around to collect donations in empty milk jugs or buckets, or place a container (piggy bank, coffee can, etc.) in a prominent area. Make sure you get any approvals you need, and promote the fundraiser prior to the event.

Donate a change jar
Do you have a container of spare change lying around your house? Putting that jar to work for CP is one of the simplest ways you can support our mission. You can also start a donation change jar at any time.

To send us the money you collect - you can either use the donate button (above), or write a check to the Make Lemon Aide Foundation and send it to:

Make Lemon Aide for Cerebral Palsy
12460 Crabapple Road, Suite 202-100
Alpharetta, GA 30004


Western NY Regional Office
P.O. Box 674
Hamburg, NY 14075