SRM Testimonials

Through our CP therapy grant program, we’re able to provide funding for children to receive the cutting-edge Symptom Recovery Model (SRM) therapy protocol. It brings us tremendous joy when parents of our grant recipients share their experiences and success stories.

Jill Marie Jordan


“We are thrilled for Easton to be among the first patients in Western New York to receive this cutting-edge physical therapy model through his work with Elizabeth Bailey-Sands Clay. 

Since beginning the SRM therapy sessions, Easton’s flexibility, strength, body awareness, and endurance have increased! The Symptom Recovery Model therapy techniques have helped further advance his mobility and confidence!“

Caren Calhoun

“Since starting the Symptom Recovery Model (SRM), my daughter, Emelia, has experienced several gains. Emelia’s neck and core strength have improved significantly as well as her ability to speak and communicate. Her needs and desires have greatly improved as well as her ability to sit independently, therefore helping learn another function - to stand straight and tall. We continue to implement SRM into Emelia’s everyday life and are confident it is continually improving her overall goal of becoming an independent child.” 

Kelly Heine

"Dylan’s experience with all of the doctors and therapists at First Step Physical Therapy was amazing and beneficial due to the ability to carry over some of the stretches and strengthening techniques at home and at school. Dylan also has PT sessions weekly with Elizabeth Clay, who will soon be certified as a Symptom Recovery Model trained therapist, which helps continue the progress and helps when problems arise. We are very thankful to have had this opportunity made possible by the Make Lemon Aide Foundation for Cerebral Palsy.”