Top 10 Fundraising Tips

  1. Start Immediately – don’t wait until tomorrow.  The sooner you start, the higher earning potential and the more Cerebral Palsy (CP) awareness you will create.
  2. Personalize Your Fundraising Page – You will notice there is already a story written for you to share, but take it a step further and edit the current information and share why you are doing this, your story or what inspired you to get involved.  Results are better when you provide the human side to it.  That’s what people will connect to.
  3. Add CP Facts to your Page – By adding CP facts, you are helping to spread seeds for CP awareness and educating them. People can’t believe what they’re hearing when they learn about Cerebral Palsy.  Did you know there’s federal funding for CP research?  It affects 17 million people worldwide. CP is the number one motor disability found in children. It’s caused by a brain bleed in utero up to age 3 years old.  Some children with CP with never walk, talk, dress or feed themselves. Some children have seizures and others may not reach adulthood.
  4. Ask and Share – Don’t be afraid to ask people for donations.  It’s a well need cause and the funds will help improve the lives of children and adults who Fight CP. Share your link with family, friends, co-workers, school, church anywhere people gather and support you.  Share it on all social media outlets, email, text messages, phone calls and face-to-face. 
  5. Add photos and continue to share weekly –  Not everyone sees your most when you make it or forgets to support at the time they see it due to busy lives.  Friendly reminders are always helpful. Tagging your family and friends is helpful too.  Use hash tags #CP, #CerebralPalsy, #CPWarrior, @ to achieve greater outreach.  Someone who doesn’t even know you might make a donation because they connect with your story or have a loved one affected by CP and are not affiliated CP foundation.  This just might there opportunity to support and connect with our foundation.
  6. Share your Goal and Set it High! You can reset your suggested goal of $250 by editing it on your page.
  7. Matching Funds – Ask your employer if they provide company matching funds. This is a way to double a donation.
  8. Follow Up – Don’t be afraid to follow up if somebody you’ve reach out doesn’t say yes right away.  Again, people are very busy and appreciate friendly reminders.
  9. Think big & small – Don’t ask only close friends and family. Cast a wider net that includes everyone from your fitness instructor, doctor, dry cleaner, to your child’s teachers and parents of classmates. Also remember that every dollar counts, implement tactics, such as “spare change” collections and watch your impact add up.
  10. Say Thank You – When you receive a donation be sure when you reply with a thank you to also select the FaceBook icon because it’s not automatically done without clicking it.