At the Make Lemon Aide® Foundation for Cerebral Palsy (CP), we need your support to spread hope and improve access to life-changing treatments for CP. 

Inspired by Lauren Walier, a young woman living with CP, we follow her motto - Be Courageous - in everything we do and we won't stop until we accomplish all of our goals. earn more about our mission and how to get involved

We hope you enjoy an inspirational song written for our foundation by James Casto of Home By Dark. Learn more

Did You Know?

  • 1 in 323 children are diagnosed with CP

  • CP is an injury that occurs in the brain before the age of 2

  • CP is the most common motor disability in children

  • CP affects more individuals in the US than childhood leukemia and diabetes combined

  • 1 in 4 individuals with CP cannot feed or dress themselves

(Source: CDC, 2013-2014)

Buffalo Sabres & Lauren

Lauren's Story

Coming 2019 to a city near you

Coming 2019 to a city near you


Limited-time Fundraiser

Thank you to Rachel’s Mediterranean Grill and its customers for donating $1,600 to our foundation in March. Look out for more fundraising opportunities in the future.

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